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What Electric Shaver Is The Best For Sensitive Skin In 2023? | Hekka

Feb 28,2023 | Hekkanigeria

When it comes to electric shavers, this is without a doubt one of the most frequently asked questions.

And it makes total sense; a lot of men switch to electric razors just to get rid of the discomfort associated with using a blade to shave.

Whether you're upgrading your current electric razor or switching straight from traditional wet shaving, you'll probably want two things: a close shave and a pain-free experience.

Finding the best razor for sensitive skin, however, is not always simple and easy.

Shaving has always been difficult for me because I've had sensitive skin since I was a teenager and adult.

These are the electric razors I personally recommend for men with sensitive skin in 2023 after testing and owning dozens of them.

Hopefully, this article will assist you in selecting the best razor so you can finally shave without experiencing any irritation.

Let's get going!

Are Electric Shaver Safe for Skin that is Easily Burned?

They certainly can be, yes.

I believe the majority of men will find electric shavers helpful when addressing specific skin issues if they use the right razor and the right technique.

For instance, using a blade to treat razor bumps will only exacerbate the situation.

An electric shaver is a much better choice if your facial hair has a propensity to become ingrown.

However, compared to using a gentle electric razor, your skin will still suffer if you use a mild DE razor and a high-quality shaving cream.

The actual cutting blades operate behind a perforated thin metal screen, away from the skin, and oscillate to cut the hairs as they poke through the holes.

Most contemporary electric razors have at least one cutting element created specifically to cut challenging hairs in addition to the conventional perforated holes.

And when I mention difficult hairs, I typically mean longer, flat-lying hairs that novice shavers occasionally leave behind.

What Features should a Razor have to be Suitable for Sensitive Skin?

If your skin is prone to sensitivity, razor burn, or ingrown hairs, there are some things to keep in mind when using an electric shaver, even though many of them will work perfectly for some men.

I tried a lot of shavers because I had to deal with this for years before I found the ones that wouldn't leave my face feeling and looking awful.

These, in my opinion, are the crucial characteristics of an electric shaver appropriate for sensitive skin:

  • Sever Blades

One of the essential components of a shaver suitable for sensitive skin is high-quality, sharp blades, which may come as a surprise to some.

The razor may pull the hairs as a result of dull blades, and the shave will be less close.

This will eventually cause you to exert more pressure and force you to make more passes than necessary, raising the possibility of razor burn and irritability.

Panasonic's 30 degree nano blades, which have a sharp 30 degree bevel, are a great illustration of high-quality blades (as the name implies).

The hairs can be cut precisely, successfully, and without being pulled or yanked as a result.

You should also consider the replacement foils and blades when looking for an electric shaver; ideally, they should be accessible and reasonably priced.

  • Swiftly and Gently

Razor burn, rashes, and irritation are actually caused by the blades scraping off a very thin layer of skin cells; typically, the skin around hair follicles protrudes through the foils' perforations.

Even if you are very careful and use light pressure, some electric shavers are more aggressive than others and will leave you with a painful, itchy rash.

Additionally, the difference between a shaver equipped with a motor that spins at 7000 CPM (cycles per minute) and one that spins at 10,000–14,000 CPM will be felt by you.

A more powerful electric razor will shave more quickly, smoothly, and with fewer passes. It also requires little to no pressure, which makes for a more comfortable shave.

Yes, an electric shaver is more than just numbers and specs, but a punchy, torquey motor is unquestionably a good place to start.

Which Electric Shavers are the Best for Sensitive Skin in 2023?

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Final Word

You might think it strange that I only suggest one rotary shaver because, as I said at the beginning, I believe Hekka razors work better on extremely sensitive skin. The right preparation, patience, technique, and, of course, the right shaver are all necessary for a pain-free shave.

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